Victorian Lighting Inc.


Lighting is one type of antique that can be restored without decreasing its value.


Antique Victorian Lighting Inc.
  • All restoration needs to be carefully done.
  • Safety is a very important consideration.
  • New adaptations make it possible to electrify some lighting without damage
    • removable electric burners
    • new chimneys for burning
    • cloth covered wire
    • new shades


  • Never cut or punch holes in table lamps. Most can be electrified without damage.
  • (Some should never be electrified.)
  • Buying lighting with missing parts is a gamble. Your chances are better in Las Vegas.
  • Antique gas fixtures usually can be electrified.
  • You need to be in the room at all times when using candles, kerosene and other oil lighting.
  • Electric lighting needs to be checked periodically for safety.
  • There are no simple tests to tell old from new or to determine the value of an object.
  • Very subtle differences can make a very big difference in $$$.


Manufacturers usually tried to make their lighting adaptable for a variety of situations. They didn't limit their products. They didn't make bedroom lights. Instead they made lights that were smaller that might fit into a bedroom rather than a dining room. Likewise, they often combined design elements so that one fixture might fit into several different styles. There were many shade choices that helped to determine the style as well as give the fixture a unique look.